Aint No MUA: My Barely There Make Up

It seems like everyone and their gran are make up artists nowadays. Now there isn’t anything wrong with that (it’s a fierce industry so good luck to all who want to work in it!),  but it seems like every girl I see is a pro at contouring like KKW, or have master the artistic skill of blending, buffing and cut creasing the eyes. Then there is me. A girl with a basic ass face that barely gets her eyeliner on evenly for a night out. Below are my drug store essentials to create a basic face in 20 minutes, and the results are too horrific.

Screenshot_20170709-145341.jpgNow a brand I’ve spoke about before but not many have heard of is The Ordinary, i’m awaiting a delivery on their foundation but holy fuck this primer is gods gift. Similar to Benefit’s Porefessional, it give my skin even tone and prevents the good ol’ cake face. As you can see I have hit the pans hard on my Make-up Revolution trio and MUA highlighter. I hardly ever contour and just add a bit of barely there bronzer, smatterings of highlighter, and a touch of blush. Simple. Foundation I hit up GOSH’s X-Ceptional Wear in pale porecelain and set it with Collection 2000 Primed & Ready, maybe add a bit of Rimmel powder foundation if I’m feeling fruity. I have sparsh eyebrows so Ciate London’s Insta Brow fills those bad boys in. The only thing I do mix up is my lipppy. I LOVE my lips being full and a bit in your face. However a go to is nude shades and the Kate Moss lippy in 03 teamed with Maybelines Vivid Matte Liquid is a match in heaven. Add a splash of MUA mascara and I’m done.

Before on the left, and the quick transformation (ish) on the right.

Literally that is it for a quick, basic, drugstore face. Could be classed as “no make up make up” but if I go hard on the lips there is no way I could pass them as natural. But for a quick cover up get dem brows on look, I think it works. Not too bad for a less than average make up wearer.


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