A Social Media Silence

So if anyone follows this blog, you may of realised ‘ve been hush hush. Now I know I don’t need to explain myself to anyone, but I think it is healthy to talk about a social media silence. There was a time I updating, scouring and posting on every main social platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, even Pintrest. I was and still am on them all.

So what’s change? Well my mindset for starters on how frequently I use them. As in previous posts, I’ve mentioned a social media break and this is exactly what I’ve none. Okay, so not a complete blanket band but I’d say my usage from consuming every waking moment has dettoriated drastically to checking once or twice a day. I don’t post as much (well Twitter I do!) and I genuinely feel slightly better for it. It was a driving force in bringing me down, creeping on people that I god honestly despise then getting annoyed about them, seeing the trends of what happened in Game of Thrones or the latest terror attack sweeping across posts, it was becoming mundayne and not really helping to my brighter knowledge. As prentcious as this sounds like Ed Sheeran quiting Twitter, I want to learn and explore the world not just through the internet but through my very own eyes. To engage and to help the end goal of improving my mental health. Will it work? I’ve no idea. I’ll be a full not to continue and try though right? It doesn’t mean the end of me blogging or writing, jif anything it will keep me focus on these important things!


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